A note from Dr. Cheryl Hamilton, founder and executive director of Choose Vibrant Living

As a naturopathic medical doctor, my first concern in patient health is nutrition and GI health. What you consume and your ability to absorb nutrients determines how well your body can respond to infections, mental stress, and physical stress, as well as how your body stores or burns excess calories. The fact is, what you put in and on your body becomes you. 

The Choose Vibrant Living Nourishment webinars explain how to achieve optimal health through with diet and lifestyle. The scientifically validated information provided will take the confusion out of improving your health. In addition to improving your health, you are supporting our effort to help as many people as possible achieve optimal, abundant health. We have one body and one life – choose to be vibrant!

#1 – Nourishing Macronutrients: Carbohydrate, Fats, and Proteins

#2 – Nourishing Micronutrients: Vitamins and Minerals:what are they and why they matter, form the foundation of the remainder of the series as they explain what food is and why the quality of food makes a difference. We highly recommend starting with these as they provide the fundamentals for understanding the rest of the series. 

Webinar #3, Nourishment Guidelines*: How food and drink affect the body; how is food metabolized and used for replacement of body cells, energy production, fat storage for future energy; why we crave certain food types, as well as tricks to curb those cravings and make room for more nutrient dense foods. In addition, we’ll cover insulin resistance, why it occurs, and how you can control it with diet and lifestyle.

Webinar #4, Nourishing Body Buddies*: How to nurture your belly buddies and the little critters on your skin and hair. We’re not alone – our body is an ecosystem of living organisms that we must also nurture and protect. The organisms that live in our GI tract and on our skin and hair are collectively called the microbiome. We cover how foods affect the microbiome and how they affect how we think and feel. We include a food fermentation demonstration so you can create your own garden of body buddies.

Webinar #5: Nourishing Tips for Success*: We’ll continue with discussions on how you can shop for and prepare foods that will help improve your immunity, mood, memory, energy, sleep and stamina – in fact, every aspect of your health! AND, we’ll do this while showing you how to prepare a variety of delicious, nourishing foods, easy and affordably. Don’t miss this final presentation that is sure to inspire you to live vibrantly!